Welcome to Taqwa School

Taqwa Values

Taqwa is an Islamic School that values excellence, respect, responsibility, intercultural understanding, and fairness.

  • Excellence is achieved through holding high expectations for our staff and students. We encourage each other to achieve our best through listening, self discipline and persistence.
  • We learn to give and receive respect when we are able to understand how our actions and beliefs impact ourselves and others. We value and respect each other and our differences, when individually, we are treated with kindness, empathy and understanding.
  • Responsibility in our community is shared. We take care to help each other and to be attentive to the needs of others and ourselves.

  • We encourage the students to develop a critical understanding of the intercultural differences and similarities between themselves and others. It is through this process that we can truly begin to develop an appreciation of the diversity of human experience.

  • Fairness is considered paramount to success. We encourage students to defend not only their rights as human beings but the rights of others.

Moncrieff Campus