Curriculum Philosophy and Values - Taqwa School

Curriculum Philosophy and Values

Taqwa School is a learning community dedicated to providing a holistic approach to learning in compliance with the Islamic Ethos.

At Taqwa School we deliver the Australian Curriculum, whilst upholding the values of Islam, through an inquiry method as we follow the heutogogical approach. At Taqwa School the learning environment is established to include all members of the school as part of a community of learners. Through this we place emphasis on the learner being at the centre of his or her own learning, and hence the teacher acts as a facilitator to achieve success. 

This shared commitment will be achieved through the formation of lively ‘communities of practice’ for staff, and the ongoing cultivation of the idea that all members of Taqwa School – students and staff- are part of a learning community. We all learn together and together we benefit from the self-directed, personalised learning of every student.   

Learn… the best for life

Excel… in all your endeavours

Lead… your generation

Taqwa School provides a learning environment where students feel safe, are encouraged to be courageous in their learning, are provided with opportunities to excel, and develop the skills required to be thoughtful leaders of the modern world.

Our families were surveyed about words they felt were important to the philosophy of the school. The words below are a summary of what they said. The larger words were the most common, meaning they are the most important to our families.

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