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Author: Amanda Bartels

Welcome to Term Three Year 3/4

Welcome to Term Three This term, in weeks 1 to 5,  the students will be participating in a range of activities designed to teach them about Indigenous Australian culture.  This is a part of the HASS  Australian Curriculum requirement.  The

Year 3/4, Term One, Week Four

Year 3/4 Huff and Puff Here are some photos from our daily huff and puff sessions.  Each week the student’s participate in a different activity designed to introduce them to new physical skills. This week it was skipping using a

Grade 3/4, Term One, Week Three

Grade 3/4, Term One, Week Three – Super Sentences This week the students in class 3/4 have been working hard to improve their sentence structure.  We have been adding adjectives to describe nouns and adverbs to describe verbs.  We have

Grade 3/4 Week Two

Grade 3/4 Week Two This week the students were busy learning about the structure of a narrative text.  We now remember that we need to include an orientation, a complication and a resolution.  We learnt all about using adjectives to

Grade 3/4 Week One

Week One! This week the students in class 3/4 began their scientific investigation into the life cycle of plants.  We spent Thursday afternoon hunting around the school grounds for all kinds of seeds.  Back in the classroom we sorted the

Welcome to Term One

Welcome to Term One Welcome back to a new school year.  I am looking forward to seeing all of the year four students again and getting to know the new year three students.  I have been busy planning a great

Week Four News from 3/4F

Year 3/4, Term Three, Week Four Assalamu alaikum all, Welcome back to another post from 3/4F. Week 4 was packed with teaching, learning and some assessments. Students completed some assessments in Mathematics this week. In Science, we explored the heat

Term Three, Week Three News from 3/4F

Year 3/4 News, Term Three, Week Two Thank you to all parents who attended the parent teacher interviews to discuss their child’s progress. If you were not able to attend and would like to meet me, please call the front

Year 3/4, Term Three, Week One

Year 3/4 Term Three Week One Assalamu alaikum, everyone. Term 3 has officially begun!! We hope everyone had a restful break and are as excited as we are for the teaching and learning that is to happen in our classrooms

Welcome to 3/4F

Welcome to 3/4F Our class is a Year 3 and Year 4 composite class with 21 enthusiastic, energetic and inquisitive learners. In the 3/4F room, you will find students engaged in quiet reading, cooperative learning and group discussions, creating purposeful