Lisa Enright, Author at Taqwa School
Author: Lisa Enright

Year 5/6 Welcome to Term 3

Year 5/6 Welcome to Term Three Welcome to Term 3. Inshallah everyone had a relaxing break and is ready for an exciting term of  learning. This term our big idea is sustainability. In Science, students will investigate the sustainability of

Week Three Term One Year 5&6

Week Three, Term One – Year 5&6   During Week Three, our reading and writing focus was on interpreting and using figurative language. In Math, we continued learning about addition and subtraction strategies to solve problems involving large numbers. We

Year 5&6 Week Two

Year 5 & 6, Term One, Week Two  In Year 5 & 6 we have been learning all about different countries. This week we learnt how to describe the locations of countries, shared some of our connections with countries and

Welcome 2019

Welcome to Year 5&6 Welcome to our Y5&6 Classroom. Here you can find lots of information about the exciting things we will be doing this year.  This term we will be completing units of Inquiry on World Geography and Electricity

Year 5/6, Term 3, Week 6

Year 5/6, Term Three, Week Six Assalmu Alaikum, During this week, students have been working on their Geography projects and are very enthusiastic about the upcoming Geography Exhibition. In Mathematics,  Year Five are doing two dimensional shapes and Year Six

Year 5/6, Term 3, Week 5

Year 5/6 Blog, Term Three Week Five Assalmu Alaikum, First of all Eid Mubarak to all. Hope everyone have had a great time during the Festival of Sacrifice. During this week, in English students have been reading novel, guided reading,

Year 5/6, Term 3, Week 3

Year 5/6, Term 3, Week 3 Assalamu Alaikum Students have been working hard throughout the week with a new spirit and were able to accumulate the required points to enjoy a lunch party in the class last Friday. Students received

Year 5/6 Blog, Term Three, Week Two

Year 5/6, Term Three, Week Two An exciting week, students full of energy participated in Athletics Carnival. We have been impressed with everyone’s level of maturity and willingness to participate. We appreciate all the support and commitment from the volunteers