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Author: Somia Malik

Year 1/2 Welcome to Term 3

Year 1/2, Term Three Assalam O Alaikum, In sha Allah all of you are doing well. Welcome to another exciting term. The students in Year 1/2 did many fantastic learning activities in Term Two and they will continue to do

Term 1, Week 3, Year 1/2

Term One Week Three, Year 1/2  ] Year 1/2 – Word work during Literacy Block. . Students of Year 1/2 busy making sentences. Assalam O Alaikum. Year 1/2s had a pretty busy week in doing various literacy and numeracy activities every day.

Welcome to Year One-2019

Welcome to Year One-2019 Assalam O Alaikum. Welcome to another exciting school year In Sha Allah. We will be doing lots of fun related and learning activities in Term One. We will be reading a collection of fun stories  using

Year One, Term Three, Week Six

Year Three, Term Three, Week Six Assalam O Alaikum, The Year Ones had a great week. We are learning about Natural and Constructed features of places and brainstormed some of the features in our school ground. We also had great

Year 1, Week 4, Term 3

Year 1, Week 4, Term 3 Assalam O Alaikum All. First of all a very happy Eid Mubarak to all the parents and community. The Year Ones had a pretty busy week. They really had fun reading the book where

Year one, Week Three, Term Three

Year One, Week Three, Term Three The Year Ones had a busy week. We learned about so many new things. The story ” Hey, Little Ant” was fabulous and we learnt about a T-chart and a Y-chart. In Mathematics we

Year One Blog, Term Three, Week Two

Year One Blog, Term Three, Week Two Assalam O Alaikum, Hopefully everyone is doing great In sha Allah. What a lovely week and Athletics Carnival was a great success. Our Year One students participated enthusiastically in all events and tried

Year One, Term Three, Week One

Year One, Term Three, Week One The Year Ones had a great week. We started working on opinion writing and also challenged ourselves with different subtraction strategies. Observing the day sky was a really fun filled activity and the Year

Welcome to Year1

Welcome to year 1 The year 1s are enthusiastic about learning every day. They investigate, learn to read and write with the help of different resources available to them. The word wall helps the students to use different words in