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Year 1/2 Welcome to Term 3

Year 1/2, Term Three Assalam O Alaikum, In sha Allah all of you are doing well. Welcome to another exciting term. The students in Year 1/2 did many fantastic learning activities in Term Two and they will continue to do

Welcome to Semester 2 Year 1/2

Welcome to Semester 2 Students in the Year 2/3 class are going to learn to write a procedure and recount. In Mathematics, the focus is going to be on a number patterns, timetables and problem-solving. During the Science lessons, students

Year 2/3 Term 1 Week 7

Year 2/3 Term 1 Week 7 We celebrated Harmony Day this week. Students completed a variety of activities and discussed the importance of Intercultural Understanding.

Year 2/3, Term One, Week Four

Term One, Week Four This week students were learning to measure the length of objects around the class. They used hand span, pop sticks and measuring tape to measure the length of the different objects.

Year 2/3, Term One, Week Three

Year 2/3, Term One, Week Three This week Year 2/3 is working on the addition and subtraction using number line and unifix cubes.

Term One Week Two

Term One Week Two This term year 2/3 is learning about aboriginal art. Students are going to explore a variety of techniques such as sand painting, bark painting, rock painting and x-ray drawing. This week students begun to use aboriginal

Year 2/3 Term One Week One

Year 2/3 Term One Week One Year 2/3 began the week discussing our school values. Students have created school values poster for the classroom.

Welcome to Year 2/3

Welcome Year 2/3! Welcome to all students and families to 2019! We are beginning the term with learning to write narrative and persuasive text. In Mathematics, we will focus on addition and subtraction, length, data and 2D shapes. Students will

Year Two, Term Three, Week Six

Year Two, Term Three Week 6 This week Year Two explored three- dimensional shapes. Students will learn to identify and recognise the features of three- dimensional shapes. They investigated the following questions: 1. How can shapes be broken into simpler

Year 2, Term Three, Week Three

Year 2, Term Three Week Three Year Two is learning to divide the objects in different ways to demonstrate fractions. They are also learning to relate the number of parts to the size of a fraction.