Grade 3/4, Term One, Week Three - Super Sentences

This week the students in class 3/4 have been working hard to improve their sentence structure.  We have been adding adjectives to describe nouns and adverbs to describe verbs.  We have also learned about alliteration. Here are some samples of their super sentences. 

The tall, happy people laughed loudly.
The big, old socks smelled toxic.
Abdallah, Year 3

She wore a spectacular black cloak lined with silk and her hair was as red as blood.
Rayhan, Year 3

On a terribly wet afternoon, I walked on the busy path but I never got to my destination.
Meral, Year 4

The gushing, gurgling wind blew heavily.
Mahnoor, Year 4

The ugly, twisted tree groaned loudly. Haseeb, Year 3

The happy girl's hair was red but she hated that colour.
Maheen, Year 3

The bright, yellow sun shone beautifully.
Zonera, Year 4

The hilarious Hofferson house and the hilarious Hoffman house laughed horribly.
Maheer, Year 4