Kindergarten Term 3, Week 7

Writing with Kindergarten

This week Kindergarten learned that the Aboriginal people were the first people to live in Australia.  They learned that the Aboriginal people would use the resources around them to make new things and practiced this by collecting items and using them to make a model of a natural environment in the sandpit.

As a class, Kindergarten jointly constructed a long story that involved a zombie and an owl, then they went and wrote their own short stories.  They listened to the book Uno’s Garden by Graeme Base and wrote a response.  Kindly have a look at student writing below.  Also as a class, everyone did a great job on their spelling tests this week.

'The blue owl and the pink were nice so they helped each other.' - Leen'
'I like the city because it has buildings.' - Aisha
'I like city because it is beautiful.' - Ayat
'The people were not happy in the city because it didn't have any plants' - Amina

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