Kindergarten Term One, Week Four

Kindergarten Term One, Week Four

This week we have been learning all about our families.  We have been talking about the people in our families and the different words we use to talk about our families.  For example using ‘aunt’ instead of mum or dads’ sister.

We have also looked at how our bodies grow and change over time.  We started as babies then became children.  We will grow into teenagers, adults and elderly.  We even got to see photos of Miss Abbott when she was a baby, a toddler, in kindergarten like us and in grade six.  We couldn’t believe that she was once very little!

The things kids say...

'Teacher, you always wear the same shirt.'
Future Fashion Designer
'My Dad's nearly old.'
Honest kid
'I'm a pro at video games.'
Video game pro
'Guess what! I can do this...wiggles eyebrows.'
Funny kid

‘Did you know ants are dinosaurs?’

‘Really, what makes you say that?’

‘Dinosaurs like blueberries and ants like blueberries.’

‘Oh they must be the same.’

‘No because ants are too little to be dinosaurs.

‘I hate beyblades.’

‘Me too,’

‘No the ones you rip.’

‘Yeah I like those.’

‘You cant wear those shoes!”
‘Why not?’
Girls don’t wear shoes like that!’

(They were runners.)

'Juicy, juicy apple. I'd like to take it home and eat it up!
Realistic artisit

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