Kindergarten Term One, Week One

What an exhausting week for our wonderful Kindergarten

The first week of Kindergarten is always exhausting for our youngsters.  There’s lots to see and its always hard to say goodbye to our parents.  Thankfully this is a lovely, kind, small group has adjusted incredibly well to the school environment.  This week we have listened to stories and written our names. We have counted collections of objects and learnt songs to help us practice our numbers.  Mostly we have been learning how to participate in groups and rested during developmental play.

How to play a board game
Look our teddies can make a line. We can too!
Working together
I love it when the kids get free choice and they choose to write tricky numbers.
Making cars out of playdough and showing excellent fine motor skills
Free play

Kids are always saying funny things, this week I overheard the following...

"Would you like fries with that?"
Future fast food worker
"Let's make a house for ants!"
Lego specialist
"Did that puppet steal the cash register? Tell her that good muslims don't steal."
Teacher (in response to a child's puppet stealing our toy register)
"Why is the crocodile toy in with the trains... Maybe he wants to eat the trains?"
Confused kiddo
"The frog ate the flies, then the ambulance, the bus and the firetruck! Then it fought the spider."
Future science fiction writer
"Mrs teacher," "Yes" "Not the real one, the pretend one."
Conversation between teacher and children playing schools

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