Kindergarten, Term One, Week Six

Kindergarten, Term One, Week Six

In Mathematics this week, we revised the numbers six, seven, eight and nine.  We played games and completed worksheets to teach us how to identify the number after a given number between one and ten.  We compared different sources in History, identifying similarities and differences between two families. We also learned that it doesn’t matter what a family looks like or how it is different, as long as there is kindness and love.  Kindergarten did very well on their spelling sentence this week and we were able to try a new one… That ant had a hat.  We each made an ant complete with a fantastic hat to protect it from the sun.

Kids say the funniest things...

'I don't think my mum likes my baby brother.'
A bit too real
'Something outrageous is happening!'
Hyperbole extraordinaire
'That plane landed on the grass and it crashed!'
There were sound effects

Teacher: “Let’s go boys and girls…”

(Children continue to play with ants.)

Teacher: “Tell your ant it needs to get off the wall now because it’s time to go home.”

Child, very firmly to ant:  “You need to get off the wall now because Miss Abbott says it’s time to go home.”

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