Kindergarten, Term One, Week Three

Kindergarten Term One, Week Three

This week we have been practising our reading.  Together we have read ‘The Woolly Wombat’ and the children have all learned the book ‘Up in a tree’.  We have practised our sight words daily and practised recognising numerals and number words.  In Mathematics, we are working to develop our understanding of number, recognising numerals, counting collections of objects and selecting a designated amount.  We have learned the sound Cuh and the letter C in our word of the week ‘cat’.

Kindergarten quotes of the week

“Here, I’ll hold your ice block while you fix your jumper… and I’ll eat it for you.”

“What! No!”

“Oh, why not?”

“Because ice blocks make grown ups sick.”

Finally, Miss Abbott is not wearing black!

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