Eco Club

Healthy People, Healthy Community, Healthy Planet

This year we are running The Eco Club in our school to raise awareness among the students about our environment and various ways to protect and preserve it. The members of The Eco Club will be responsible for managing green activities, such as growing plants, and organising cleaning-up activities such as collecting rubbish and raising awareness about recycling.

The children will be undertaking various activities and working with experts in the field of horticulture and sustainable living.  This club is designed to build children’s leadership skills in helping them change behaviours in relation to sustainability and a healthy environment. They will also lead the school in such community activities as “Earth Watch” and “Clean Up Australia Day”.

It is our hope that those involved will develop and spread the message of:

  • respecting and caring for life in all its diversity;
  • conserving and managing resources in ways that are fair to present and future generations;
  • building democratic societies that are just, sustainable, participatory and peaceful; and understanding and conserving cultural heritage.