Student Representative Council

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The Student Representative Council (SRC)

What is it?

The SRC is designed to:

  • be a student-based civic organisation
  • promote school spirit and leadership
  • maintain a high standard of personal conduct aligned with Islamic values
  • have members exemplify outstanding Islamic practice and a high standard of personal conduct.
  • have members lead and participate in activities, which serve to enhance the physical and positive behaviour environment of Taqwa School.

At Taqwa School, our SRC will:

  • develop positive attitudes and be the embodiment of Islamic mannerisms and practice.
  • promote harmonious relationships throughout the entire school.
  • enhance peer/peer and student/staff relationships through open communication
  • collaborate to enhance school morale and general welfare.
  • provide a forum for student expression.
  • plan special events and projects.

Responsibilities of the SRC

Our representatives will be nominated and voted on by the whole school body. This will occur each semester. Each class will be represented by two members who will form the formal SRC.

Each class SRC member is responsible for:

  • reporting council activities to their class student body on a regular basis
  • be active participants in SRC meeting
  • present ideas from their class to the whole SRC
  • encourage all class peers to participate in projects and activities
  • mediate peer situations on the playground
  • display appropriate Islamic etiquette, mannerisms and practice