Advisory Board

School Advisory Board

Taqwa School has a Board of Governance that provides strategic direction to the School Management. The Board is comprised of local Canberra residents who are committed to meeting the requirements of Muslim parents for quality education that incorporates Islamic Studies and values for their children. The members bring different sets of skills to the Board and provide input into the school strategy from different perspectives, such as building infrastructure, IT, law, risk management, business development, ethics, Islam, finance and accounting, etc. Our independence enables us to respond objectively and effectively to community needs.


The School Board, led by the chair, provides strategic guidance for the school and to effectively oversee and review the school’s management. The Board’s role is to govern the school, leaving the day-to-day operations to the principal.


The school Principal, with the support of the Senior Management Team, manage the school in accordance with the strategic goals set by the School Board.