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Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends association (P&F) is an incorporated body, comprised of parents, carers and friends of students in Taqwa School. We meet regularly throughout the school year and plan various ways we could assist school in different learning activities or any issues related to the school.

P&F main objectives are:

  • to promote the interests and wellbeing of the school;
  • to support the school;
  • to provide a forum for the furtherance of the educational and social needs of the students and the community at large; and
  • to receive and raise money by any appropriate practical means to enable the aims of the association to be effected.

P&F work closely with the Principal and school staff to build a good working relationship which is essential to achieve a common direction and to build a community team.

The Committee aims to:
•  Encourage active parent interests at all levels of the School.
•  Undertake activities which promote this aim, including social activities.
•  Support the staff, where appropriate in the implementation of the College program.
•  Raise funds for the development or improvement of the equipment or premises of Taqwa School. 

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Cyclical events:

  • Develop a calendar of events

Community liaison and Friend Raising

  • Establishing positive relationships with new parents to the College.
  • Supporting existing relationships with current parents.
  • Encouraging parent participation in all activities at the College.
  • Organising social functions.


  • Organise fundraising activities endorsed by the Principal


  • Facilitate the dissemination of information through formal and informal means in a positive and objective manner.
  • Formal examples include: Meeting Minutes / news articles
  • Informal examples include: telephone and chance conversations / emails and 
social gatherings.

Member Representation

  • Ensure a broad representation of parents from all classes wherever possible.
  • Support the experiences of all students across year levels

The Convenor

  • To conduct meetings of the P&F.
  • To liaise directly with the Principal or designate regarding all matters in relation to the P&F.
  • To manage the Agenda for P&F meetings in consultation with the Principal or designate.
  • To liaise with Convenors of other parent groups as appropriate, when the School grows.
  • The co-ordinate, in liaison with the Principal or designate, special activities at the College (ie: Taqwa School’s open day, Family, Special 
lunch days and any other social events as calendarised).
  • To co-ordinate in liaison with the Principal or designate, any fundraising initiatives for the School Community.
  • To represent the P&F at any special Taqwa School functions and events.
  • To communicate through the School website and other media.

The Assistant Convenor

  • To assist the Convenor as required and undertake the duties of the Convenor in the Convenor’s absence.

The Secretary

  • To liaise with the Convenor in formulating the Agenda and distribution of Minutes to the Executive, Committee members and Principal.
  • To be responsible for taking the minutes at each of the P&F meetings.
  • To liaise with and assist the Convenor and Treasurer where appropriate, in undertaking their duties. 
The Treasurer
  • To manage all financial matters association with the P&F.
  • To prepare and present a financial report for each P&F meeting.
  • To liaise with and assist the Convenor, Secretary and Homegroup Representatives where appropriate in undertaking their duties.

The General Committee Member

  • To support the committee in their role of disseminating information to the Taqwa School Community.
  • To support the committee in the organisation of special events and activities at the School.

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