Term 1, Week 3, Year 1/2

Term One Week Three, Year 1/2 

] Year 1/2 – Word work during Literacy Block.

. Students of Year 1/2 busy making sentences.

Assalam O Alaikum. Year 1/2s had a pretty busy week in doing various literacy and numeracy activities every day. We are learning new  words by using different graphs and digraphs and practising them in different ways to remember them. We are also learning about Days of the Week and we practice them every morning with the help of a calendar. The Huff and Puff rotations are our favourite in the morning and are proving a good and energetic start to our days. We also love our Quran and Arabic lessons and move a step ahead every week. We are enjoying our learning and hope to continue with the same zest and enthusiasm. 

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