Welcome 2019

Welcome to Year 5&6

Welcome to our Y5&6 Classroom.

Here you can find lots of information about the exciting things we will be doing this year. 

This term we will be completing units of Inquiry on World Geography and Electricity (Physical Science). We will also explore narrative and explanation texts. In Maths, topics will include strategies for the four operations, factors and multiples (Y5), prime, composite and square numbers (Y6), mapping, and time. Students will also engage in Visual Arts and Dance. We will also participate in our yearly swimming program.

During the first week, students will get to know their peers and expectations for the class. We will also begin our first Inquiry unit (Geography). 

All of the equipment students need for school should arrive in week one. 

I look forward to working with the students and parents/carers this year, InshaAllah.

Ms Lisa Enright 

Y5/6 Classroom Teacher 


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