Welcome to Term One

Welcome to Term One

Welcome back to a new school year.  I am looking forward to seeing all of the year four students again and getting to know the new year three students.  I have been busy planning a great term of learning.  During the first five weeks we will be investigating life cycles. This  will involve collecting seeds and seeing if we can grow our own plants. You might like to begin making a seed collection at home. If you look hard enough you can find them everywhere. Bring them to school during the first week and see how many of your class mates can guess what plant they are from. Also during the first five weeks, we will be writing stories based on the theme of sustainability and publishing them in a book to be added to our school library.  In the Creative Arts, we will be learning lots of fun techniques for completing illustrations for our stories and in Dance, we will be creating videos that show the life cycle of a plant or animal.  We also have our Swimming Programme this term, which will be held in weeks 9 and 10.  In Mathematics this term the students will be working from the Targeting Maths text book.  Lessons will also include hands on maths challenges, problem solving and games. 

Please remember that all students need to bring a hat and a water bottle to school- it will still be very hot for awhile and students will need to sit in a shady area if they forget.  All school equipment, including textbooks, workbooks and stationary will be provided to the students as needed.  If any parents have a spare hour or so before school during the first couple of weeks, it would be great to get some help covering  the student’s workbooks.  Please send me an email or drop in before or after school if you have any questions.  There will be an information session for parents during the first few weeks of school. (date to be advised) 

I will see you all relaxed and well rested next Tuesday 5th February.  

Warm Regards, 

Ms Ama.


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