Welcome to Term Three Year 3/4

Welcome to Term Three

This term, in weeks 1 to 5,  the students will be participating in a range of activities designed to teach them about Indigenous Australian culture.  This is a part of the HASS  Australian Curriculum requirement.  The students will be reading and analysing a range of stories, information reports and opinions relating to life in Australia before colonisation.  We will be heading outside to participate in hands on tasks, involving Indigenous tool making, painting and construction. In Mathematics this term we will continue to use the Targeting Maths Workbook with a focus on using our previous knowledge to solve problems.  We will begin a Drama unit that focuses on teaching students skills in voice, movement, creating focus and building tension.  Our learning will culminate in group performance.  We will also be holding our school athletics carnival this term and showcasing their work in our annual Exhibition. 

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