Year 1/2 Welcome to Term 3

Year 1/2, Term Three

Assalam O Alaikum,

In sha Allah all of you are doing well. Welcome to another exciting term. The students in Year 1/2 did many fantastic learning activities in Term Two and they will continue to do so in Term Three. In English, the students will be learning about Persuasive texts and Aboriginal stories along with their reading groups, spellings and writing. The focus in Mathematics will be on Measurement and Geometry including Shapes and measuring using  Informal Units of Length and Volume. The students will be doing Chemical Sciences this term and they will learn about different materials and their properties and how we can recycle some of the materials. In Arts, the Year 1/2 will be learning about Drama and its different aspects. They will also participate in role play using different dramatic settings. The students will continue to learn Arabic and Islamic Studies and play different games in their Physical Education lessons every week. The students are going to have a delightful and engaging term and I am looking forward to teaching them. 

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