Year 5/6 Blog, Term Three, Week Two

Year 5/6, Term Three, Week Two

An exciting week, students full of energy participated in Athletics Carnival. We have been impressed with everyone’s level of maturity and willingness to participate. We appreciate all the support and commitment from the volunteers involved in the event for their time and efforts. It has made our jobs a lot easier!

During the week, we have been working on new classroom routines and co-constructing our essential agreements and believe how the children would be progressing, socially and academically.

In English, Students have been doing report writing, recalling facts and details and novel studies and pronouns in grammar. The children will be doing spelling tests every week. In maths decimals, Coloured and see through objects and light in science and people and event that led to Australian Federation in HASS.

Here are some examples of their work.


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