Year 5/6, Term 3, Week 3

Year 5/6, Term 3, Week 3

Assalamu Alaikum 

Students have been working hard throughout the week with a new spirit and were able to accumulate the required points to enjoy a lunch party in the class last Friday.

Students received their awards for their exceptional participation in the sports carnival event. It was great to see the parents joining the awards distribution ceremony in large numbers. 

During the week, other than focusing on recalling the fact and details through reading the novel, grammar, spellings, comprehension passage, speaking skills, they have been doing English guided reading to enable them to grasp on the key learning areas. Students have been given a report writing task as home work. 

In maths it was ‘decimals’, ‘white light and rainbows’ in science and ‘representing the people’ in Australian political system in HASS. 


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