Year 5/6, Term 3, Week 5

Year 5/6 Blog, Term Three Week Five

Assalmu Alaikum,

First of all Eid Mubarak to all. Hope everyone have had a great time during the Festival of Sacrifice.

During this week, in English students have been reading novel, guided reading, proverbs in grammar and engaged in ‘Friendly Kids Friendly Classrooms’ discussions using their skills gained to respect other people’s opinions.

In Mathematics, students have started geometry and consolidating their knowledge about lines and angles.

In Science we have been identifying how light energy from multiple coloured light sources produce different coloured shadows. In HASS the focus has been on how Australian society changed throughout 20th century with special focus on British migrants.

It was a book week event on Friday; students dressed up as their favourite book characters and had book reading related activities in different classes. Students had great time throughout the day.


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